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Laboratory of study in aerobiology and biocontamination

Laboratory, study cabinet in aerobiology and Biocontamination we are specialized in indoor air analysis and in the study for the treatment of molds. We can intervene in all sectors of activity (pharmaceutical, medical, agro-food, community, housing/tertiary).

Sampling plan, diagnosis, research and identification of mold, ANALYZAIR is the solution to evaluate the quality of your indoor environment.



The first competence of ANALYZAIR is the aerobiology that is the study of biological particles presents in the air and their consequences on the health. The company was created and developed to meet both health and economic needs.

Thus, the performances of ANALYZAIR concern all risk environment or potentially contamined by biological pollutants but also chemical or particulate.

Indoor air is often a reflection of outside air, but may also contain specific biological contaminants.

ANALYZAIR has powerful and innovative measuring equipment to carry out specific expertise to implement the necessary corrective and preventive measures.

In addition, to meet your expectations the company also collaborates with other specialized companies recognized in their field.

ANALYZAIR intervenes as well in:

Block title

  • The offices, the hotels, the creches, etc….
  • The habitat, with the help of Medical Advisor in Indoor Environments.
  • The industries
  • The clean rooms


Block title

  • Industry
  • Clean room
  • Habitat, tertiary



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