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Molds cause a large number of contaminations and can have an impact on health.

ANALYZAIR offers adapted solutions to your needs by analyzing molds, yeasts and bacteria on your surfaces and / or in the air.

A detailed report will be provided (results, conclusion and recommendations for the treatment of your mold problem).



The mites are microscopic insects which constitute the first cause of asthma and respiratory allergies. They are presents in homes where the conditions of temperature and humidity are favorable to their development.

ANALYZAIR offers the Acaritest which is a simple and fast detection device that allows you to know the level of mite allergens to which you are exposed.



VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and especially the formaldehyde are chemical pollutants of indoor air frequently found in homes. They can come from wooden furniture, glues, paints, varnishes, household products and the burning of candles and incense. These chemical compounds can cause pathologies like asthma and symptoms such as irritation of the respiratory tract, headache and nausea. Formaldehyde has been classified since 2004 as a “carcinogen substance”.

ANALYZAIR offers you different techniques for dosing and knowing the VOCs presents in your home.



The dust in your home can contain a large number of particles that can be allergenic or irritating. Mold, mites or fibers can cause or amplify allergic reactions. After sampling in your premises or in your accommodation, Analyzair can study these dust samples. We will then provide you with a complete and personalized report.



The merule is a lignivorous fungus that feeds on wood. The proliferation of the merule can be rapid if the development conditions are optimal: humidity and air confinement. Merule can have very serious consequences on the integrity of the building. Detected in time, treatment is possible. Do not hesitate to consult us.